Preserving & Conserving

Every day, the news suggests we find common ground since our very Earth is in jeopardy. My greatest love is this beautiful world. Planetary destruction must be countered with vigilant preventative measures.  Need must trump greed if we are going to simply survive. Why? Record breaking global surface temperatures, Antarctic sea ice loss, ocean temperatures, extreme flooding, heat waves and extensive wildfires imperil us. Just in the United States, we lost $150 billion in damage costs last year. And this is just the tip of our melting iceberg. Over four decades ago the American Petroleum Institute established their model used oil recycling program. They advocated in their model program to place $0.05 a quart on the sales of motor oil. I helped start programs in D.C, Virginia, Florida, California and even went to Namibia to promote used oil recovery. Conservation happens once we can agree on its benefits. Now we're on a race to prevent our extinction. Today the only states

Celebrate Gratitude

Everyday I celebrate Thanksgiving. My greatest gift is counting my blessings. Appreciation is the most positive thing I can do. Truly it's the gift that keeps on giving As times get more chaotic and adverse giving thanks comforts me. When I show my  appreciation I cultivate wisdom. Also when I pay attention to any grateful intention joy arises. Appreciation shifts me into a more loving friendly place. Also I enjoy greater freedom.. Gratitude is a sacred life celebration.  Seeing the positive out of the negative I become awakened. 1)  Does feeling gratefull elevate you? 2) Do you see a shift in your happiness when you count your blessings? 3) Does an attitude of gratitude benefit you? . When I give my thanks this inspires me. My overtly critical dialogue lessens.  I enjoy just simple blessings that I am so fortunate. Wow saying thank you is so magical. *Live gratefully  *Appreciatively remember  *Thankfully love

My Three R's & Happy Returns

As a lifelong tennis player and teacher I focus on  "happy returns." There are many similarities to playing tennis and best serving. Keeping my on the ball I better serve and benefit. My ultimate game is to advance my greater purpose, potential and possibilities. I have developed an inner game using three R's.  Quieting my mind and listening to my heart I call "Happy Returns." Below are my three R’s for increasing my well being. 1) Reduce my suffering by giving my best. I benefit since what goes around comes around. 2) Reuse my virtues kindly cultivating joy and love. 3) Recycle all sacred things and fully honoring what is here and now. Embracing my shadows enables me to apply my 3 R's as I find peace amidst all the turmoil. This the inner game of happy returns. There are three life struggles; one against nature; one against others and one against oneself.  Focusing on my inner health helps me accept these struggles. Early in my life I notice my haunting

Wise Trees

The Lorax - “I speak for the trees, for the trees have no tongues .” My forest gives me shade, joy and fresh air. Trees have survived for over 360 million years.  Climate change is quickly accelerating our appreciation for forests.  Where I live the mighty hundred year oaks are dropping.  My four acres inhabit aspen, ash, cherry, locust, oak, hemlock, cedar, pine and other species.  Also located in my home town is Camp Roosevelt, where the first Civilian Conservation Corps camp began. Over 2 million men were employed and planted almost three billion trees revitalizing our 1930's American depression. Nearly five billion acres of deforested land awaits restoration worldwide. The annual economic benefits of restoring this land are an estimated  $84 billion dollars. The U.S. Forest Service estimates that filters $4 billion worth of air pollution and prevents of 700,000 respiratory incidents. Plants experts now document the wisdom of the woods in their interactive sharing of nut

Be Happy and Well

Carl Jung advises us how to be happy. Seeking a higher guidance I pay attention to this virtuous intention. Skillful action happens through my love of wisdom. Applying this philosophy I find a higher existence. Finding inspiration out of desperation I enhance my tranquility. When I take care of my mind and body all aspects of my life improve. Overcoming my anxiety by being in nature I thankfully proceed. Exploring my subconscious I better address my shadows. Then I face my negative feelings.  When I face my emotional fears greater courage emerges. Such mindful inquiry lessons my mindless reactions. Then I freely respond. Such responsibility liberates me. I celebrate healthy relationships by treating everything as sacred. Kindly then I proceed to best go forth. Joyfully I explore that love persists. Such heartfelt action increases all aspects of my life. Seeing the wonders of nature I increase my inner and outer wellness.  Appreciation elevates my awe when I fall in love with all things

Overcoming StinkingThinking

Image Silencing my mind and listening to my heart I overcome my stinking thinking. What is true is a constant humble perspective of awakening with what I call "no self help." Above is a David Foster Wallace video that shows us how our mind is both our master and slave. Unfortunately Wallace loses his own struggle by taking his own life. We are wired to spend most of our time enslaved by our stinking thinking. Wisdom will result if I take a more selfless outlook. When I become so self absorbed I must unlock this door of suffering seeking what I love. Yes being selfish at times is vital to survive in my challenging world. However skillfully tapping into my higher power improves my mental health. When I awaken and treat everything as sacred I foster greater purpose, possibility and potential. A more selfless exploration brings me greater liberation. Humor helps me to make fun of my "selfing" by embracing the absurd. Also it uplifts me from

OK=Open & Kind

Open and kind abbreviated is OK. Open to accept whatever arises. Kindly showing both inner and outer compassion I best go forth. OK gives me greater grace, awe and wonder. In my journey may I be OK so to enjoy the blessings of life.  With enthusiasm may I be happy, free and well!  Celebrating my new possibility with each new breath. Breaking from my past conditioning I can reframe these patterns into the gifts showing increased love. How can I best cultivate a friendly and free way of being?  Being OK gives where I wisely proceed with moment to moment awareness.  Ignoring my the voice of my inner critic. Exercising my greater potential happens when I fully listen.  Overcoming my shadows I find purpose see everything as a child would. Embracing my defects I find that home is right where my heart is.  All things are sacred if only I can remember to arrive back here and now. It is time for me to let go of old ancestral messages that I am not enough.  For me to fully foster a mindset of po