Thursday, November 04, 2010

Increase Green Efficiency: Improve Our National Security and Economy

November 2, 2010 election results reinforce that Americans are concerned most with our economy. However how we stimulate new goods and services is multi-trillion dollar question. I propose as we become more efficient we improve our economy.

The best definition of what green is efficiency minus subsidy. The challenge is that in the U.S we have subsidized many things that increase waste and prevents us from profiting from pollution prevention. Just look how we have addressed our national security challenge. Presently, conflicts over water, and other essential resources. Does our U.S. military act as peacekeepers? A majority of experts predict that if our government does not prepare for climate change we will have hell to pay for.

Several years ago a number of retired generals and security experts presented national-security study*. Using the military's risk-assessment practices, 11 retired generals and admirals issued a report* saying that climate change creates massive instability around the world.

"The impacts of climate change will be huge — deserts move north, coastal areas threatened, the dislocation of people," said retired Adm. T. Joseph Lopez, who commanded peacekeeping forces in Bosnia. "I'm a student of instability, and instability is the enemy.”

Is reducing military spending and waste a key to lessening our growing deficit? How we can promote more efficient green ways to stabilize? Let’s go beyond the debate of either “guns” or “butter” to renew our economy by finding news way of getting more using less. As we stopped subsidizing our huge military and trim this wasteful industrial complex then we will stimulate new forms of economic development. Can we champion this new green form goods and services that cultivate peace? Waste and inefficiency is a form of terrorism. Once we concentrate on ways we can become more secure and prosperity will follow creating new green efficient technologies and practices that arise.