Monday, May 13, 2013

Ration and Conserve for Our Future!

Conservation matters because our consumption exceeds twice our Earth’s carrying capacity if we continue to deplete and pollute at current rates.  Just in the United States we need to reduce our resource consumption by 80 percent.

Stan Cox predicts in Any Way you Slice It, that rationing will become unavoidable.   He writes that rationing energy, water, food, medical care, and other essential due to ecological reasons.  Given time we will experience adjustments in the prices of resources and goods because of future limitations and events. The Earth’s ecosystems will force us to conserve.  Our human economy will have to cater to emerging ecological challenges or suffer the consequences.  

Any Way You Slice It explores rationing today offering new possibilities to not “if” we are going to face a crisis but “what is best” to resolve our inevitable environmental economic challenges.   Today we are in a different state of war where the enemy is invisible, and mysterious.  From previous wartime rationing and other systems of rationing that ensure a fairer marketplace the best allocates goods and services.

Due to the problem of escalating inequity creating fair trading or system of rations can transform our global economy.  Creating a more equitable distribution of resources from a dominant few percent to a greater percentage of the population stimulate greater opportunities. Consuming less is imperative to balancing today’s limited resource. Rationing is one measure to address the delicate balance of need versus greed. Conserving via rationing can helps us better allocate resources for the future.