Saturday, December 20, 2014

Accouting and Investing for Our Future

As human doings we now must face the challenge to become human beings.  Let’s be truthful about both our blessings and curses to improve our planet's prospects.  We have to speak the same language and agree on a few ley things if we wish to best go forth.

Increasing better management and efficiencies increases our quality of life.  Now for us to embark with this intention to wisely act is the tenor of the times.  There are many ways to plant seeds for the future stimulating resource conservation and waste reduction. However there is a risk involved, massive financial experimentation, uncertain results, complex relationships, and an inescapable mandate for improvement.

The world economy will eventually face this reality so we best conserve and preserve this place.  Our output and inputs must balance with increased environmental and social considerations on how this Earth’s future welfare is assured.  Creating new business that vanguard future generation’s resources is prudent.

This requires a revolution in accountability to establish and maintain new performance criteria. These measures must balance flexible environmental partnerships offer, integrated management system and ingenious feedback loops. Preventing pollution, improving and environmental performance is all about our common bottom-line. Improved performance-based processes must evolve through trials and tribulations into proven practices.

Our money will never reside fully in our bank account. Our saving resides in how we better invest in better ways our world’s environmental economics work. We are all shareholders and beneficiaries on this planet.

As planetary resource managers we will become more skillful and ingenious.  Creating both a competitive and cooperative international marketplace we will tap new opportunities.   Such integration of best management will streamline, target, and consolidate programs to improve their delivery and lessen any footprint. We have the opportunity to better weed out ways that are outdated, ineffective, and unsustainable. How may we best pursue innovative opportunities to maintain our international well being? Exploring wise pragmatic first steps is a vital to this mega trillion dollar adventure.