Friday, August 26, 2011

Agreeing on Our Changing Climate

Where do we Americans see climate change? In the past it has ranked near the bottom by past voters of being of great concern. Despite the growing scientific reports have increasingly documented the impacts of increased temperature, weather extremes, carbon dioxide emissions and other human caused environmental impacts. Republicans have been quick to see this problem as job killing, tax increasing and regulatory over reach. Back in 2009 House Democrats passed a “cap and trade,” measure, however, such a tax was passed in the Senate since it was not attractive and am efficient pollution control.

Most scientist think climate change is cause by humans and threatens future human health. However there is considerable amount of Americans who either do not see or deny climate change as a problem.

Conservative Republicans question global warming science. Also many new members of Congress dispute that humans have anything to do with climate change. However, we have been burning records amounts of fossil fuels that create CO2. One challenge is that the full impacts of today’s greenhouse gases have a time lag and will not be felt too many decades latter. In a 2010 National Academy Sciences survey of 1372 climate scientists and found that 97.5% agreed that humans are contributing to climate change.

While the global debate is still being debated here in the U.S. the rest of world are in agreement that humans are threatening our natural systems with dangerous amounts of greenhouse gases. The US is far more divided. An October 2010 poll shows in the last 4 years Americans dropped from 79 to 59 percent believing there is solid evidence of climate change. Just 38 percent Republican believed in this environmental challenge.

Instead of what we do not agree on, why do we not work on conserving more and wasting less. What part of being conservative am I missing?

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Mrs. Carter's 11th Grade Class Eco-Research

Thank you Mrs. Carter's 11 Grade Summer Class! Your exploration of ways to "go green" and have fun by conserving are inspiring. Below are their findings of the various ways of helping improve our world. Much appreciation for your research and all wonderful benefits we all share from such conservation!

Dear Mr. Arner,

Greetings from Mrs. Carter's 11th grade science summer class! We came across this page while working on our studies about finding ways we can help the environment be it a fun eco-friendly project or something we can do with our families at home to "go green." We found some resources on your page to be a useful contribution for our on-going project. Thank you for providing those sources!

As a class we wanted to offer resources that we found that we have voted as a class that would make a great addition to your page. We all will receive extra credit towards our project grade if you find these sources suitable enough for your site. This was our group class project we had to complete, but this is the last piece of the puzzle we need to finish before we make our presentations.

We hope you find our resources useful and that you will help our class finish our project. This class project is finished at the end of next week, so we hope to hear back from you soon!

Thank you for taking the time to review our resources and we hope we have helped you as you have us!

Thanks again!

Mrs. Carter's 11th Grade Class