Friday, July 12, 2013

From Rationalizing to Rational Americans

Last week the Washington Post reported that one in four children go hungry in the U.S.  The next day several experts cited no protective financial measures have been enacted from the Dodd-Frank reforms exposing Americans to the same  vulnerabilities we suffered  before the  2008 crash.  Finally the Post reported  the wasteful  multi-million dollar Afghanistan military bases built and not used. 
So what do all these things have in common?  No longer are we rational Americans, however, now rationalizing ones.  Individual gain at the expense of millions is becoming the rule not the exemption.  How long we will allow greed, and military insecurity eroding the chances for our future prosperity?  Our founding fathers wished balance ambition with ambition.  Today special interests threaten the very core of democracy.  Are we of the United States or “we the people” when a select few now command such power?  Are we at the point where the one percent  dominant the remaining 99 percent? 

We have lack of accountability in our Defense Department.   President Eisenhower  and many other past ?leaders have warned about the curses of the military industrial complex .  There is no question economic development  is greatly stimulated by investing in armaments.  However, our health care, infra-structure, environment and many other areas deserve greater attention. 

Look at the environmental costs of ignoring climate change as one great example.  Why is China investing more than us in green energy and pollution prevention? 

Can we change our self destructive ways?  Yes if we have a revolution when we  follow the same vow,  may I leave this place better than I found it.” Until enough Americans and citizens of the world demand the rich create new possibilities and opportunities we will see a form of global poverty never experienced before.  

It is time for new opportunities and economic developments.  Our collective worth is in keeping our country and planet in good order.   It is rational to invest future enterprises. Rationalizing the status quo is a disaster waiting to happen.  May we all bless and leave this place the best we can. Otherwise  the consequences of plundering the very thing we hold most dear and beloved will be our greatest curse.