Saturday, September 10, 2011

Ten Years Latter

September 11 anniversary gives us much to see in hind sight. The attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon killing 2,977 marked an extremely tragic and reactive time in American history. A decade of financial collapse, a horrific decade of warfare, the breakdown of the American political process and increased environmental devastation in all are areas of our planet in this last ten years. Also these acts of terror have created enormous psychic toll.

The cost of retaliation to these terrorist has been enormous. First the longest and costliest two wars we ever have fought. The second has been an erosion of American democratic process and third how the strongest nation was brought to its knees by terrorism. Greater responsibility and less reactivity are the tenor of the times.

Yes, this mass murder of innocent American civilians was terrible; however, our inglorious reaction to these events is more daunting. Months ago on 3/11 the Japanese lost 15,780 citizens and 4,122 are missing from a tsunami and nuclear accident. Besides the loss of lives and enormous human suffer it has been estimated to cost the Japanese around$219 billion dollars. Our 9/11 may have cost us over a trillion dollars and tremendous additional costs due to such threats. However, these incidents both show how fragile we 7 billion humans are.

Greater courage to face our threats can lessen our fears. After 10 years we still import 60% of our energy. Conservation matters greater than ever to become more secure for our next decade.