Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Earth Decay?

Back when I worked for Earth Day '80 a colleague and I did a satire called, "Earth Decay." Unfortunately there are some who still believe in the benefits of environmental destruction.

Earth Decay (DK)

Celebrate the the 3 D's, Degrade, Destroy,  and Decay.   The Earth will take care of itself however mankind can benefit by the 3 D's creating new growth, jobs and dollars!!!

* Degrade so to stimulate new economic development

* Destroy because clean-up employment results       

* Decay furthers adds more dollars into our economy


Do not be stupid and conserve.  More waste, more people and more trash fosters commerce!  The more we can degrade our air, water and land the greater our clean up industry will thrive!  More people helps create more wars, shortages, violence, prison and cheap labor. Increase climate change new opportunities for economic growth due to hurricanes, floods, food shortages and a host of other catastrophes.

Celebrate Earth DK at home

- Compost things in your refrigerator- Run up your electric bills best you can
- Turn on your AC and open your doors
- Any way you can enlarge your carbon footprint  emulate "Big Foot."
-  Have more babies as you can.
-  Cut down a tree whenever you get a chance-  Take your old plastic bags to the beach and let them go 

(less dolphins = more tuna fish)

Remember what the "Good book" says we're here to dominate and master the planet so don't worry about the Earth, it will take care of itself

Finally everything's recycled it's just a question of time.

Be a wise owl, hoot and pollute! Fear not climate is weirdening. Everyday is Earth DK.  Without more people, life itself would be impossible.  

Unplanned Parenthood is a good thing because it allows strength in numbers.

Remember the 3DS - degrade, 

deteriorate and destroy. 

This message is sponsored by Association of Developers, Chamber of Billionaires, the National Association Psycho Proctologists,  American Society of Butt-holes,  and the American Alliance for Greater Destruction.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Health Carelessness

One year ago I buried my Dad. I spent 5 years taking him to doctors and lessening excess costs and procedures.  Years ago, the Post referred to him as “the unobtrusive shaper of law.” For over 37 years he wrote major healthcare legislation as a Congressional Research Service branch head and a staff member on the House Ways and Means Committee helping with all forms of healthcare legislation.  Today our system is careless.

America's medical care system is complex.  U.S. total healthcare expenditure is $2.7 trillion or 18 percent of GDP.  It is forecast to reach 34 percent of GDP by 2040.  In 2010 Americans spent $1.3 trillion on healthcare. Multiple chronic illness cases that are just one percent of healthcare expenditure consume 21 percent of this total amount.  The last tier of 50 percent of patients accounted for 2.8 percent of spending last year.  Contrary to popular opinion only 10 percent of healthcare dollars are spent in the last year of life.  While there is increased spending in the last few months approaching death, it is not the massive percentage of medical care dollars that is widely believed.

Healthcare spending is forecast to account for nearly 20 percent of gross domestic product (GDP), or one-fifth of the U.S. economy, by 2021.  It’s been estimated that waste may account for between one-third and one-half of all U.S. healthcare. It could be eliminated without harming consumers or reducing the quality of care.

The largest area of waste is ‘defensive medicine’, including redundant, inappropriate or unnecessary tests and procedures. Other factors that contribute to this excessive spending include non-adherence to medical advice and prescriptions alcohol abuse, etc.

Another reasons cost  are spiraling is because we do not monitor or intervene in medical pricing.  There is a need to best account for who is responsible for controlling healthcare costs including lawyers, doctors, insurers, hospitals, drug makers, and patients. In 2011 scientists estimated that roughly 75,000 deaths might have been averted in 2005 if every state had delivered care at the quality level of the best performing state.

The Congressional Budget Office has said, “total spending on healthcare would eventually account for all of the country’s economic output.”  This may be a primary reason for long-term deficits.  

It is forecasted the disability portion of the Social Security Trust Fund will be exhausted by 2022. The typical recipients now is a middle-aged worker whose main ailment is either a muscular skeletal or psychological.

Our future is in jeopardy due to our careless medical system. Also we could save over 75,000 lives.