Saturday, March 03, 2012

Deal with a Full Deck for the Best Effect

Recently I did myself a favor. I followed through on a dream. I brought back an old creation. I created Ray CycleTM in 1981 while I was working for the D.C. Energy Office. Working to recycle paper and used oil, I created this educational character for my peace of mind. Later, I traded in my tights and ecology flag cap for a new costume when I got Ray's name trademarked, sharing it with the State of Connecticut. I became a court jester campaigning on April Fools Day at the US Capitol steps, proclaiming, "You are not dealing with a full deck when you throw the joker out!" Comics change their lives to abate tragedy.

Over the past 30 years conserving energy and resources has given many lessons in folly and much wisdom. Many of us still tragically deny with "out of sight, out of mind" or "wasted” mentality. The impacts are multi-dimensional. Just look at our alarming overweight youth or our multi-trillion deficit as a few examples. Any form of waste, denial or neglect threatens our very well being. Yes, more people recycle than vote in the U.S., but our marketplace still subsidizes "ending" over "mending." Americans must redefine our consumerism with a new meaning of conservatism or remain foolish.

Yankee ingenuity will stimulate true economy. Just as George Washington was this nation’s first dedicated composters, re-creating sustainable economic growth comes full circle. Not only does transforming waste will be an investment in our world's prosperity everyone profits from pollution prevention.

Lessening how we pollute our minds must also be addressed if humans wish to excel. As we reframe our attitude to appreciate greater thrift we better our world. Embracing more frugal ways of thinking benefits all of us since such a mind-set counters destructive human sloppiness.

I challenge you to explore this experience. As we show greater respect for people, places and things, we better ourselves and the world. When you save the joker you deal with a full deck. This has a beneficial widening effect. The words "heart" and "earth" have the same five letters. How we go forth can best honor this two inter-connected words. Reframing our present situation with heart and we can also care for the earth, our greater self. The fool now becomes a wizard by show the magic of our a conserving mind-set.

Making my dreams into reality is my greatest gift to myself. See for yourself-
RE Raps aka Ray Cycle