Sunday, November 17, 2013

Conservative Investment

A recent PEW poll shows that over 66 percent of Americans believe that humans impact our climate.  Another 67 percent feel that the Earth is getting hotter and 58 percent favor alternative energy. The recent Philippine hurricane and the past weather trends all are factors why we must shift from fossil fuels.  The more we lessen our carbon use the greater we create a better world for our future generations. Greater efficiencies both improve our economic and environmental prospects. Addressing climate change is both wise and prudent.

If all Americans can agree that less waste is better then what is stopping us from lessening our impact on this earth and creating incentives to do so?   The challenge is for us to make partisan commitment on how we all can profit by preventing resource loss.

Cleaning up our air, water and land requires incentives and pollution controls.  Also such action will send a message to our grandchildren we wish to leave a vital legacy.  More people today recycle than vote.  Now, can we go to the next level and advocate waste reduction, and better environmental management practices?

Every facet of our society, be it health care, education, transportation, etc., will excel if we invest in being more efficient and ingenious.  Focusing on future prosperity through better resource management can be explored, researched and implemented.

Currently we each are the agents of change for revitalizing the American way. Every facet of our infra-structure, culture and society will benefit from a smaller footprint.  Let’s engage ourselves in a collective green awakening becoming more lean and green.  Let's champion giving our best to this world by lessening our impact as the best investment to whatever the future brings.