Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Lean and Green Money Management

How much longer will our Congress ignore the our horrific crisis of trust and fiscal confidence?  We are at a threshold where Americans have to explore the full price and cost realities of all our goods and services. Otherwise we will watch a huge and fast economic sunset.  Our infrastructure and future require green fiscal management.

The problem is our country has not priced things for what they truly cost. Corporate welfare and many government programs are great examples of our present crisis in resource mismanagement. Two wars, economic hardships, and other disturbing trends are evidence.

We, Americans, have illustrated “profit now” instead of “invest for the future”.  Our government promotes “buy now and pay latter” because voters have supported these shortsighted short term practices. Now we have to awaken to the price and cost of our present fiscal situation.

Poor price and cost structures jeopardize both our national security and prosperity. Our present fiscal cliff will add another $4 trillion dollars according to the Congressional Budget Office. Americans will learn how to be more ingenious with our money by economic necessity. The market is no longer free if we all have to pay for creating its failure. A new multi meaning of “trust” must emerge.

Government and private sector’s “use it or lose it” incentives increase our costs and taxes.  A new evolution of organic consumption will stimulates prosperity if we see the cost in the longer run.  Presently fiscal inefficiency has a huge hidden price and cost.  How we can better conserve and manage resources is the next frontier of capital growth.

The price for prosperity requires wise investment.  Any good business invests in research, development, production, and numerous other goods and services. However the source of our fiscal inefficiency needs to be fully examined.  Our fiscal crisis now forces us to find more efficient price and costs opportunities from the past causes and effects of outdated.

Government waste is a great starting point to translate the rhetoric into reality.  Overspending will only cease once we understand our existing inventory of possibilities. Thrift and ingenuity may once again become an American way.  A new definition of conservation and economy will spark new economic endeavors.  

We foolishly stimulate government waste.  Now Americans are becoming angrier increased spending where little results.  Government programs must use more with less; whether it’s health care, defense, education, environmental protection, transportation, housing, foreign affairs, and intelligence all these programs must innovate. New commerce and prosperity comes once we better balance our accounting of price and costs.  Life cycle and full cost accounting is the tenor of the times.

Now government can become more truly conservative. Whether it is performance based saving or any other measures that increase productivity and efficiency.

We can no longer transfer debt to the future.  Let’s better manage both our wealth and well-being. "Eco" translates to clean up the present mess with lean measures.  A new definition of “green efficiency” can change our “brown status quo” from rotting to promising. Let’s take better inventory of the true costs and expense of our present broken inefficiency.

We all will profit in investing in leaner efficiency.  Working together we can create a more conservative economy. The quad-trillion dollar question is how we institute waste reduction and increased saving. This is not a question of “if” rather “when” the real crisis fully happens and we truly discover what our money is worth.