Sunday, November 23, 2014

Free Drilling and Methane Emissions

Taxpayers for Common Sense recently cites in “Free Gas”, a real American tragedy ( 

Let’s agree that wasteful free subsidies for oil and gas companies is not good for this country or this earth.  Why do these profitable corporations pay nothing for over $380 million in royalties on the gas they have extracted over the past eight years on federal land?

The gas and oil industry has avoided paying royalties on gas they use as fuel for their drilling rigs is decades old.  Since 1946 our Congress has permanently exempted any natural gas used for fuel on well sites from royalty payments.  How does it make sense that royalty-free fuel for oil and gas companies.

Now the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), in the Department of Interior, is considering changing these outdated free
drilling rules on federal lands.
From an environmental perspective, the largest component of the lost gas is methane, which leaks from drilling rigs, storage tanks, pipelines and outdated equipment.  Such lost methane is a dangerous greenhouse gas.  Pollution controls to capture this leaking gases is not being used.

The bottom line is Americans are giving oil and gas companies royalty-free fuel and little incentives for drilling companies to lessen their toxic methane releases.  Is there anything missing with this picture?

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Thanks for Saving; Attitude of Gratitude

When I respect things, no matter if they are natural, human or spiritual, it is a form of thanksgiving.  Showing such reverence, either by conserving or just observing, I directly become interlinked with a profound appreciation of being on this Earth.

Counting my blessings becomes a gift that keeps sustaining me. Nothing for me can be more rejuvenating than expressing gratefulness for all the ways this life and its people, and resources has provided me.

Just maintaining a state of gratefulness re-energizes me, and moves me to shift my attitude so that I look for the silver lining in every cloud. Instead of looking at things as a curse, I can see them as the blessing they truly are.  This is a peak experience because this brings me in a flow state, since I am in ultimate relationship with all things. 

The power of gratitude leads me to a greater sense of purpose, and a richer life. Invoking appreciation gives me a profound sense of joy, and links me with all things, filling me with a sense of harmony and well being.

The act of conserving is a way of showing gratitude by a form of stewardship that allows me to exercise my thanks by acting respectful.   Appreciation creates a mindset that reconnects me to value what has the highest importance. My feeling of gratitude expands when I reflect on how all things are interconnected.

Exercising my "the attitude of gratitude" opens me to new possibilities.  Can I simply enjoy hearing my own heartbeat? How grateful am I to all those things life on this planet has given me? Do I cherish the food, shelter and other gifts?   Instead of the same old "I-am-the-victim", or the "poor-me" mindset I then stop "should-ing" all over myself.

An "attitude of gratitude" is a loving-kind way of making this world a better place.  Each day, Thanksgiving and Earth Day can be observed together. Both celebrate the same blessings we are so lucky to enjoy.