Friday, October 03, 2008

Allow Conservation to Work!

Seventy five years ago my hometown, Edinburg, Virginia was the site of the first Civilian Conservation Corp camp. For the last four years I have failed to get full time work in promoting conservation. Over half my life I have help advance the recycling oil, preserving our drinking water and other endeavors to create a more healthy climate.

Now, we can create new prosperity that not only saves our nation but but creates a new green commerce. Conservation work can offer a tremendous economic opportunity – but only if we take advantage of this huge potential enterprise.

Today, these conservation industries generate 8.5 million jobs and nearly $1 trillion in annual revenue in the United States, and they contain some of the fastest growing sectors in the economy. If America fails to invest in renewable energy and energy efficiency, it runs the risk of losing ground to global competitors. Other countries like Germany, Denmark, and China will take the lead and reap the economic benefits.

Let's create millions of new green jobs that America desperately needs. Jobs that can’t be outsourced and use the skills of today’s workers. Green jobs aren’t just the jobs of the future – they will revitalize our economy and our well being. In recovery, Americans will discover millions of new ways to reduce, reuse and recycle resources for our future.