Monday, June 09, 2014

Uniting Not Dividing America

There is nothing more conservative than conservation- Russell Kirk

What can America afford today? Can all of us agree that is it better to waste less and save more? Recovery equals new discovery when we all realize conservation is an investment into a better life here in the United States.  Independents, Republicans, and Democrats all benefit when we invest in profiting from pollution prevention. Political consensus on our improving our economy is essential to our future prosperity . Leadership not special interest posturing is imperative. 

Shakespeare once said, "action is eloquence". Let's agree to lessen some of our social gridlock. This political civil war of wing nuts hinders our development. Conserving is similar to a mother protecting her child.  Wise resource use only will happen when we shift from being consumers to becoming conservers.  Also,we will excel democracy and future opportunities.

Our country will sustain us only if we sustain it. Let's benefits and preserve these benefits.  We can double our money by folding it up and placing it back into our collective pockets if only we can  better invest it in what matters most. Conservation is about saving not wasting.

Conserving, preserving and protecting tied to the very notion of human excellence. Humans can demonstrate their efficiency and flourish by engaging in better management practices.  Just a simple act like riding a bicycle instead of always driving your car  is one great example. Any action that directly increases our well being and lessens future costs extends life here. Any choices which lessens emissions increases our resources for the future. Anyway we can better this world directly enhances our future value. Ben Franklin once said, "I am not concern on the return on my investment, rather the return of my investment."  Let's champion conservation and get something of invaluable in return. It is time we become united not divided so we can win/win not lose/lose.