Monday, January 10, 2011

Betting on Climate Change

Why is it that insurance companies and major corporations know about climate change while many Congressional leaders and Tea Party members think this is a myth? I bet you that anyone who has serious money or manages it is starting to add up the impacts.

This January a leading world insurance company, Munich Re, released a report on the natural disasters of 2010 and concluded that the high number of weather-related natural catastrophes and record temperatures provide further indication that climate change is advancing. According to the report, 2010 had the second highest amount of weather-related catastrophes since 1980, and caused about $130 billion in damages--$37 billion of which was insured. While some of the 950 natural disasters that occurred last year were earthquakes, and not attributable to climate change, nine-tenths of them were weather-related.

Finally, I ask if any person is in doubt look on your own. Yes it is very cold now but last year was one of the hottest on records. Go to any objective source to see if there are major ice melts everywhere in the world. Look at any of the major glaciers and observe what is going on. It is sad that still a significant number Americans are clueless. You bet it is happening just following the money.