Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Efficient Governance

Creating a more efficient government is a win/win situation. A new form of saving in our decision making will return us to a more ingenious nation. Creating a better American way requires us to explore optimal resource management. Simple economic and environmental conditions leads me to such a conclusion. Increased people, prices and problems necessitates frugal and wise actions.

Government productivity and performance comes down to its output over input.  Once the public sector best accounts for what we use and where it goes then this life cycle tracking will stimulate new prosperity.  Critical to such a national policy will be a public and private campaign to sustain efficiency.

Increasing productivity can result when such a change is reached. Our output and inputs must be balance with increased financial, environmental and social considerations as we improve business. Once we become fully accountable a national policy of new performance measurements will enhance our welfare. Such improvements will form partnerships and improve all types of ingenious management. 

All Americans can learn how to become better resource managers. We can learn to be more skillful to use not abuse our people, air, water, land and other materials. Both we and the Feds must awaken to efficient ways to improve the economy. For example more effective federal policies to amend "Use or Lose It," (wasting money at the end of the year so to keep or increase next years funding) would be a great start.  As we explore opportunities to better streamline, and consolidate programs we will improve Fed productivity. We have the opportunity to better weed out programs that are outdated, ineffective, and unsustainable.

A national dialogue is required to best fine tune government by we, the people. By deploying a variety of tools and, stimulating participation of many organizations, such a reprioritization of what the federal government does, how it does it, and in some cases, who does the government's business, will change our budgetary future. Important as safeguarding funds from fraud, waste, abuse, and mismanagement is to pursue widespread opportunities to improve existing federal system.

In conclusion good oversight is essential. We must lessen duplication and or even working at cross purpose. More efficient  streamlining processes will restructure organizational roles and responsibilities We will only prosper once our nation champions greater government efficiency measures.


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